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Spoken | August 9, 2016

Last week, Seattle TIE sponsored a dinner and panel discussion to bring out the topic of entrepreneurism in India. Specifically, of how American entrepreneurs could best start up businesses in India in the current economic climate–what are the barriers, why is it a good time and what do enterprising startups need to know from a financial, economic and cultural standpoint?

The panel included a dentist, a former Commerce Department employee, and two additional entrepreneurs, including Spoken’s own CEO, Howard Lee, whose previous work with HyperQuality involved creating and managing a 500-person staff in India. Although Spoken is all US-based, Howard is always willing to give his advice to startups based on his knowledge and experience.

A few snippets of wisdom from the panel:

Question: How do we get companies more comfortable with outsourcing to India?

Question: What resources are available for US entrepreneurs to start up in India?

Question: Does India have a “zippy generation” of workers with high mobility?

Question: What opportunities are best to explore in India?

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