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Spoken | August 9, 2016

As you know by now, Spoken is teaming up with HyperQuality for our first joint user conference that brings the technology and the quality sides of the contact center together for an extravaganza of use cases, case studies, best practices and cutting edge industry trends.

What you might not know is the names of the team of developers that have been working steadily for the last few years to bring your favorite tools to market, including ClearMetrix and Spoken Engage. If you’ve ever wondered how they choose which feature or product to bring you next, you’re in luck!

The Boost user conference happening September 9-11 in Seattle will feature the special session Ask the Developers, during which you can ask why they did what they did, why they didn’t do what they didn’t do and what you can look forward to from Spoken and HyperQuality in 2015.

In advance of Boost, meet our developers and what they had to say about their current projects:

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What upgrades did you bring us in 2014?

The two biggest upgrades for me this year were (1) improving the back end of the ClearMetrix platform by moving from a plugin requirement to HTML5 for plugin-free playback of call recordings and (2) integrating ClearMetrix with Spoken Engage. For the latter, if a client uses ClearMetrix for quality, they can see the agent’s quality score right on the Engage agent scorecard. Pretty cool! |Selvan

I mostly work on the Spoken screen capture tool, and it’s been growing like crazy for one of our outsourcing clients! So a lot of improvements to that tool, including a lot of effort going into figuring out how to capture the image and compress it successfully while reducing the bandwidth and storage requirements. Also, we now have the ability to provde screen capture with tenant segregation for outsourcers with tenants whose screen capture demands vary. |Ashutosh

Definitely eliminating the need to install a media player for ClearMetrix was a big win for HyperQuality users; it just works with no additional software! I also worked a lot on incremental improvements for ClearMetrix and Engage, including improving data capture, dashboard usability, scalability and improving overall efficiency. That’s in addition to simply customizing and installing Engage for a LOT of new customers this year! |Rafiq

What can we look forward to in 2015?

A lot! Spoken Engage will be featuring user configurability for the heat map view, custom alerts for defined events, real time support and a ton of additonal reporting options as well as Spoken Observer integration. The Spoken ACD will get enhancements to internal chat, alerts and full integration with Spoken Engage. |Selvan

The big one in the real-time department will be on demand screen capture. It’s similar to Spoken Observer, but the supervisor will not only hear the live call audio in real time but also see the agent screen in real time as well. |Ashutosh

We get a lot of requests for scheduling ClearMetrix reports, so that is number one on the ClearMetrix feature list for 2015. For Engage, 2015 will be all about integrating the Spoken toolbox directly into the Engage interface: call recording, screen capture and real time. |Rafiq

What do you want to hear at the Ask the Developers session?

I’d like to know what is important to our clients and what isn’t there that would make their lives easier. What can you not live without? |Selvan

Are our products as great as we think they are? How can we improve them? |Ashutosh

I just want to be asked technical questions. I’m not a sales guy! |Rafiq

What secret do you wish clients knew?

I wish they knew how Engage could improve their productivity. And that if they don’t require Avaya, the Spoken ACD is a hidden gem–it’s fully integrated already and a cost-effective ACD option. |Selvan

I wish they knew what a cool tool the Secure IVR is! It’s really clever, but very few clients use it. Also, that we do a lot of work on the bleeding edge that is hidden on the back end but ends up making all their tools run better, like using HTML5 instead of Flash for recording playback. |Ashutosh

That ClearMetrix and Engage together are the perfect performance pairing: Engage is for real time and ClearMetrix is after the fact, and they work together really beautifully. |Rafiq

To register for the Boost user conference, visit the event page.

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