Brownies = great customer experience!

Spoken | August 9, 2016

A month or two ago, Spoken‘s VP of Engineering David Milstein and I appeared on the Customer Experience podcast, talking about IVR technology and customer service. It was a wonderful experience and a lot of fun.

Card brownie customer experience

If you missed the podcast, listen here:

Customer Experience podcast #9

And today, we discovered that the lovely and talented podcast hosts, Michelle Romanica, Jim Love and Steve Smith, had sent not only a thank-you card but also a box of gourmet brownies, enough to share! 

In a world of link exchanges and emails, what a wonderful treat to receive a real package in the mail with a tangible thank-you gift, all for a volunteer opportunity that we were happy to do anyway.

It’s easy to talk about the customer experience philosophy. It’s another thing entirely to put it into practice in a tangible way. Now that’s devotion to the ideal of customer experience!

P.S. Guys, the brownies were a real hit in the Spoken office!

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