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Spoken | August 9, 2016

Green globeWorried you missed something big last week in the world of call center news and innovation because you were busy on the front lines? Here’s the quick Monday roundup of last week’s headlines:

  • Goodbye, thin clients; hello, system on a chip. Last week Citrix announced its new HDX System on a Chip technology, a system that is in fact a full computing system delivered as a single chip to   device manufacturers. Imagine the possibilities–and commenters to the post have. Read the comments for a healthy dose of skepticism and criticism as well as some practical applications for the new tech.
  • Working from home is the new green. This OneEarth article makes the argument for the remote agent work from home model helping to prevent climate change.
  • Seven deadly sins of call scripting Good advice on what works for basic scripting as well as some of the pitfalls that make both agents and customers miserable
  • Changing the concept of First Call Resolution. This post points out Forrester data that 74% of customers use three or more support channels to resolve an issue. If the IVR is the third channel called and the agent resolves the issue, it may be FCR to the call center, but not to the customer.

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