Call Center Week in Review 1-24-11

Spoken | August 9, 2016

Angry-customer This week in the world of customer service and call centers, trending topics were remote workforce and problem consumers:

  • Why at-home workforce? InContact tackles the common objections to work-from-home agents and makes the case for a lean, at-home workforce
  • More arguments in favor of the work-from-home model. Greg Levin interviews Veterinary Pet Insurance about their move to the at-home agent model. Among the positive repercussions of the change: “Agent turnover in the contact center has gone from the 50%+ range annually to about 12% today in 2010.”
  • With the flashy headline Nuance takes on the human race, SpeechTek news reported on Nuance’s new Vocalizer text to speech platform. A fun study, but it might have been more conclusive if they had used more common words, as opposed to the excessively hard to pronounce.
  • Three call center mistakes that could kill your business Carmit DeAndrea writing in Customer Relationship Metrics shares some very important notes as to why first call resolution could mean your customers are deserting, not leaving satisfied.
  • And Customer Management IQ poses a very interesting question: are we teaching kids to be problem consumers? Are our kids the disgruntled customers of the future?

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