What is CCaaS?

Spoken | September 14, 2016

A look at CCaaS benefits and the rise in this new technology

The role of the contact center is evolving. Gone are the days when consumers would stay loyal despite frustrating customer service experiences. Today’s users expect to be able to start and complete a conversation that spans channels – voice, email, chat and SMS – and their tolerance for delay or disruption is continually diminishing. Enterprises recognize the imperative to meet this higher bar for service, but the challenge is doing it efficiently at scale. Until now business leaders have been forced to compromise between cost and quality.

However, today, business leaders are learning that there is no need to compromise between cost and quality, thanks to the advent of Contact Center as a Service, or CCaaS.  The cloud-deployed CCaaS approach enables an organization to use the latest customer service technology without having to invest in acquiring or maintaining an on-premise solution. CCaaS is a fully functional multi-channel contact center that offers the advantages of greater flexibility and scalability, improving the overall customer experience, as well as being an economically smart choice.  Each of these advantages deserves a closer look.

Flexibility:  An on-premise contact center is built around the planned number of agents, the estimated volume of calls and a functional baseline for what type of channel or feature each agent needs. Contact centers must be able to adapt to a rapidly changing environment such as seasons of higher call volumes as well as changes in software technology. CCaaS offers the flexibility that is needed to adapt quickly to changes because everything is in the cloud as opposed to on-premise. Additionally, contact centers can utilize the clouds’ pay-as-you-go method and use only the resources they need.

Scalability: One of the key benefits of the cloud model is the ability to scale up and down as needed, to meet the needs of seasonal or campaign-driven business. The CCaaS approach makes it simple to add agents during times of higher call volumes, and to add new resources that enhance agent performance.  The cloud model offers enterprises the ability to add agents and other resources as needed and then scale back down as well.  The on-premise model would require an enormous outlay of capital in order to add resources that may only be required for a short time.

Cloud Economics: CCaaS shifts the economic burden from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure. This allows for better planning and staffing decisions and frees up in house IT staff from contact center operations.  Cloud center services have proven to be an economically smart choice for contact centers that have made the transition.

Because of the efficiency of the cloud, more and more contact centers are migrating to cloud services. A Gartner Study from late 2015 details the rising number of cloud services that are replacing existing systems while on-premise contact centers are actually showing a decline. Seeing the pressing need to modernize, businesses are making the transition.

Every function that has been delivered as a cloud-based service offering has faced initial pushback, and CCaaS is no exception. In every case, business leaders start with the belief that by moving to CCaaS they would be forced to forfeit security and quality for cost savings, but Spoken ConversationCenter has proven to offer both. Spoken’s CCaaS meets the quality expectations of the consumer, the cost-efficiency demands of enterprises, and the security and availability requirements of both. By leveraging the benefits of a true cloud platform, Spoken eliminates legacy costs and removes infrastructure management as an ongoing cost center. It delivers unparalleled capabilities across all channels, including intelligent voice communication analysis that allows agents to perform as never before. With Spoken ConversationCenter, enterprise has the tools, budget and bandwidth to focus on what the consumer really wants -seamless customer service experiences.

Spoken ConversationCenter offers a complete, integrated CCaaS solution that is:

  • Designed from the platform up as a single integrated solution for enterprises and outsourcers
  • Powered by advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities
  • Radically simpler for the agent and supervisor experience
  • Leading the innovation curve for contact center technology.

Contact Spoken today and see how your customer’s experience can be seamlessly satisfying.

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