Cloud vs On Premise Call Recording [INFOGRAPHIC]

Spoken | August 9, 2016

call center cloud call recording infographicEven though research shows that 70% of call centers are planning to transition at least one aspect of their infrastructure to the cloud, nearly 78% of call centers report their infrastructure setup is still largely premise-based.

With security and reliability concerns about cloud largely overcome in the last five years, why isn’t more call center infrastructure cloud based? A number of reasons:

  • Sunk costs Premise-based systems may not have aged out, and contracts may still be in place.
  • Rigid systems Even as contracts end and IT professionals advocate for the cloud, most contact centers have a huge variety of complex moving parts: ACD, CRM, agent desktops and IVR. Most legacy systems are notoriously rigid–replace one piece, and the whole house of cards may fall down. And who wants that IT headache?
  • FUD Even with a plethora of studies to show the benefits of a cloud transition, it’s important not to underestimate the power of fear, uncertainty and doubt that a new system can bring.

A place to start

That being said, it’s not necessary to transition to the cloud in one fell swoop. In fact, the approach we tend to take is to find a place to start into the cloud–a single application that can initiate a gradual transition to the cloud without bringing down the whole house of cards. For many of our customers, that application is call recording. Why? It’s essential for a call center, and the clearest benefit over the on premise call recording model is the easy availability of 100%, end-to-end call recording over the clunky and incomplete “selective recording” model.

Additionally, it’s easy to start by simply layering cloud call recording over an existing on-premise system with little to no business disruption.

Download the technical analysis

Still not sure that cloud call recording is the best way to go? Download our free side-by-side technical analysis of on-premise versus cloud recording comparison to lay out the benefits of both systems side by side for a complete system overview.

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