New credit card muting service helps call centers avoid credit card data theft

Spoken | August 9, 2016

Spoken call center credit card masking

In this day and age of database hacks and privacy concerns, call centers are tightening security around customer data. In particular, accidentally exposing caller credit card information is a primary concern. But in the call center, all conversations are recorded for quality assurance, and many are subject to screen capture as well. How to secure those interactions in real time?

The challenge

Here is a common problem our clients bring to us: implement audio and screen privacy for credit card information in real time. Spoken has been working with three clients with requirements to mask payment information from both live audio and live screen recordings.

The problem isn’t as simple to solve as it sounds: automatically removing payment information can be very challenging and requires a third party vendor (which translates to more expenses) if your current recording vendor can’t provide this feature. The third-party approach also leads to additional ongoing costs and complicated systems integration and networking, which both bring increased risk for production issues.

The solution

Through the Spoken Call Center as a Service (CCasS) platform, we now provide real-time muting of call audio and real-time masking of payment elements in screen capture. This Credit Card Muting service can easily be integrated (through APIs) with your Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) to provide precise muting and masking on the live call. Why this approach? Due to the real-time nature of the masking, it’s far more secure than post-call redaction, which still requires payment information to sit in the recordings for a period of time. Here’s the process:

  1. Inbound sales call initiation The caller calls the client call center (that is using Spoken CCaaS) for a sales call
  2. Credit card input The caller decides to purchase client’s product and offers payment information
  3. Agent input The agent inputs the credit card information via the client’s CRM
  4. Audio and video redaction At this point, Spoken proactively suspends the audio and screen capture recordings until the  card entry is completed.
  5. Recording resumption Once the agent finishes entering the payment information, the audio and screen recording continues

System requirements

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. However, there are a few system requirements. First, your must be using Spoken Call Recording on the Spoken CCaaS platform to take advantage of Credit Card Muting. If you’re not yet using our Call Recording, our sales team would be happy to assist you. Second, it does take a few days to integrate with your CRM. And while most CRMs are supported (SalesForce, RightNow, etc.), it’s a good idea to contact us to make sure your CRM is fully supported.


In most cases, our clients are up and running in about four weeks.


How many organizations are using Credit Card Redaction?
Currently, Spoken real-time mutes and redacts payment information on over 10,000 calls a day.

What if I don’t want the agent to hear the information at all?

The Spoken Secure IVR takes payment information in a secure, PCI-compliant manner.

How much does it cost?

For a detailed quote on integrating this service with your system, contact us.

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