Dear corporations: nothing else matters if your customer service s**ks

Spoken | August 9, 2016

HeidiBlog HS Heidi Miller, Social Media & Online Community Manager

Last week, the amazing Internet marketer and blog strategy consultant B.L. Ochman posted this Tweet:

Picture 5
Truer words were never spoken! She went on to blog about the particular customer service experience she was referring to, a 10-hour saga trying to rectify an accounting error of $34.32.

That’s right; thirty-four dollars. Her time, ten agents’ time, and probably a host of frustration all around.

Ms. Ochman is the kind of expert who can give you tips on your social media strategy. Heck, she can implement entire social media campaigns, and her case studies are legend. So listen carefully when she tells you that none of those carefully-drawn-out strategies matter at all if the people you entrust with your customers’ final care, those usually low-paid employees at the end of the telephone line, don’t provide great customer service from the start.

If you want to know what’s wrong with your phone system, IVR or customer service culture in general, ask your agents. They are the front line, and they deal with every customer that has gone through your antiquated IVR designed by marketers and IT guys. They can tell you what isn’t working, and they can tell you how to improve your customer service. They can tell you about Ms. Ochman’s saga (wouldn’t it be better to hear it from them versus reading about it on her blog?) and the system and culture that caused her to have such a bad experience.

So address that first. Listen to those on the front line. THEN go to marketing and get your social media campaign in gear.

Because, as Ms. Ochman so eloquently stated, nothing else matters until you do.

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