Finding a True Virtual Call Center Model

Spoken | August 9, 2016

Question-cloud by Heidi Miller, Chief Conversation Officer

As more businesses see the value in Software as a Service (SaaS), news articles about virtual call centers and their efficiency, cost and effectiveness for companies both large and small are also on the rise. In just the last few weeks, articles making the arguments for SaaS and virtual call centers abound, making the case from a number of angles:

  • The New York Times addressed the cloud model, noting that a hybrid model might work best for some: “The best-of-both-worlds mix, where businesses use private clouds for their most important computing tasks and public clouds for occasional peaks of demand or less-sensitive tasks, like serving up images on a website, is the hybrid cloud. And it could be the way forward for businesses that aren’t ready to sail all the way to the cloud.”
  • The Baltimore Customer Service Examiner is running a multi-part article on how to set up a virtual call center, beginning with Part I on developing a vision and defining what “virtual” means to you and your business. From the article: “First question you need answered in this process is ‘why you are creating a virtual contact center.’ Is it to reduce costs, provide agents with a work/life balance, or is it for business continuity purposes?”
  • The rise in virtual call centers has brought about much speculation on the trend away from outsourcing and towards homesourcing, with virtual call center technology making work-at-home agents competitive with outsourced ones, notes TMCNet
  • Another advantage to virtual call centers? Business continuity, says TMCNet: “A hosted call center enables the organization to plug into the cutting edge in call center technology that is built to ensure business continuity, regardless of what is happening in one geographic location versus another. And, when a hosted call center is in place, there is already a redundancy plan working to ensure you can replace anything that might be lost when the unimaginable happens.”

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