Give Your Customers More ‘Wow’ Experiences With Smarter Technology

Spoken | July 21, 2016
Give Your Customers More ‘Wow’ Experiences With Smarter Technology


It’s no secret that customer service expectations are high and growing higher as new technologies are helping to streamline communications between brands and consumers. But due to these high expectations the probability of meeting these service ideals is low and customer let downs are commonplace following contact with today’s call centers, whether with a live agent or an IVR system. One might even say that your customers are prepared for the worst from the moment they dial into your hotline. One mix up by your auto-attendant, for example, could send the whole customer experience spiraling downward.

Since customer service is a top priority for brands, upgrading your technology to support your call center team and improve every customer service interaction is vitally important to your company’s reputation and, ultimately, its bottom line. So ask yourself: Is your current technology causing more mishaps than success stories? If the answer is yes, then now is the time to stop letting your subpar system diminish your call center’s ability to provide excellent customer support.

With the right technology, you can let the capabilities of your call center shine and never worry that your customers are growing frustrated by an IVR system that frequently transfers them to the wrong representative, for instance.

So, what does a call center model that produces “wow” results look like? Here are few features and benefits:

  • Full redundancy: Is there anything worse than having your phone lines go down due to a storm or power outage? Your customers expect that you’ll be available under all circumstances, so make sure you have technology that can support this supposition. Your technology provider should have redundant and geographically diverse data centers that will back up your phone lines and keep the calls flowing no matter what. For instance, in the event that one data center fails, the second data center will immediately take over the full call volume without missing a beat or disconnecting a single customer.
  • Smart IVR: Your IVR system should be fully customizable to your specific call center needs. That is, you need your IVR system to be intelligent enough to automatically identify and route callers with specific qualifications to particular agents. For example, an IVR system with flexible and programmable call flow capabilities enables call centers to choose exactly how they need their calls to be routed. In addition, advanced programming capabilities help call centers more accurately route callers to the representative most knowledgeable about their issues.
  • Usage-based pricing: Another important feature that will help you produce more internal (in addition to customer-facing) “wow” results is usage-based pricing. For example, if you employ a team of remote agents, they’ll need to use a virtual desktop solution so that they can access the same tools their colleagues in the office use. But some agents may log in at different times, or may not have the same volume of calls each day; therefore, it’s more cost-efficient to pay per minute of usage so that you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Rather than paying upfront for capacity that may not be used at all times, pay as you go and avoid shelling out more money than is truly necessary.
  • Advanced security: Security is a major concern for customers who share their personal information—from home address to credit card numbers—over the phone. As such, it’s important to choose a provider that can offer on-the-fly encryption that uniquely codes each customer’s phone call, making it extremely difficult for hackers to gain access to data that is shared. Rather than only having one general encryption for all of your customers, individual call encryption ensures that, even if there was a security breach, the hacker wouldn’t be able to gain access to all of your customers’ information at once.

So put an end to letting your customers down when they dial into your call center. Arm your call center with the advanced technology that can fully support your customers’ needs and deliver high-quality results.

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