GotSearch: All-voice, voice search solution to preview at MWC10

Spoken | August 9, 2016

Spoken and GotVoice have a nifty new product to preview to mobile operators at Mobile World Congress, and we’d like to give our readers the advance scoop!

Introducing Spoken’s GotSearch, a nifty new voice-to-search service with concierge as a value-added service. It’s all-voice, voice-to-search solution, and it can save mobile operators 90% over the cost of 411 with 90% accuracy and a better customer experience.

Why voice-to-search?

We live in a highly mobile world, no question. Mobile users want to search for and get up-to-date information at point of use, right there on the spot. And distracted driving is becoming more of an issue; driving and texting is even being banned in some countries and driving-based occupations. And currently, only smartphone users have access to voice-to-search through applications–and 72% of new handset sales in the U.S. last year were feature phones. Considering the following:

  • Smartphone voice-to-search apps still require screen attention (looking down)
  • On a feature phone, the only voice-to-search option is dialing 411
  • 411 costs around $1 a call and uses only a machine-only ASR 

Easy to use: 1-2-3

GotSearch allows any user to dial a local number for voice-to-search on any phone–a feature phone or a smartphone, without the app. Users can call in, ask a questions and hear the answer read aloud with an  option.

Gotsearch 1 Call in to a local or toll-free number from any phone.

Gotsearch 2 The IVR asks an open-ended question: “What would you like to do?” Users
can search for locations in the U.S., with other countries supported
soon. For example, ask for the closest coffee shop, grocery store or
sushi restaurant.

Notice that open-ended question. Spoken is an industry leader in IVR customization with the capacity to ask open-ended questions without ever having to ask a question twice or say “I didn’t understand that.”

For most users, accuracy is a sticking point with automated speech recognition (ASR)-based IVRs. Spoken improves accuracy with a unique, patented solution that has been the secret of top-notch call centers for years: silent human guides. Most machine-only ASR systems have between 40-70% accuracy with speech recognition, which actually isn’t too bad for a machine with no human ears to distinguish between a street name and a dog barking in the background. That’s why ASR’s will ask a question twice or make a guess if the system’s recognition confidence is low.

 Guide slide with callout.001

Here’s where GotSearch is really different: leveraging Spoken’s patented silent guide system, human beings listen in when speech recognition confidence on an utterance is low. When needed, silent human guides jump in, listen to the utterance, and type in the correction, all without interrupting the call flow for the user.

Gotsearch 3 So GotSearch reads the search result for users and gives the option of having the information texted to their phones as well. And it’s done! 

Spoken ties in to multiple search engines, including Yahoo! search, Google search and will soon be able to make restaurant reservations as a concierge service for callers.

Mobile Carrier Value Proposition

  • With no smartphone limitation, GotSearch is available for a broader user base
  • Customer experience is improved due to Spoken’s patented Guided Speech technology using ASR with a human safety net
  • GotSearch runs about 1/10 the price of a 411 call
  • Customer experience is improved due to an all-voice format
  • Custom ads, surveys and promotions can easily be inserted into the IVR

Find out more

Come see a preview of Spoken’s GotSearch at the Acision booth at  Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 15-18. If you’re attending the conference, you can help alpha-test the service. We are offering a free preview trial exclusively to MWC attendees for the duration of the conference–stop by the booth to get the dial-in number and try it for yourself.

To reserve a slot for an 8-minute preview demonstration of GotSearch at Mobile World Congress and the trial code or if you’re not attending MWC but would like to find out about GotSearch’s upcoming beta and events, visit GotSearch to find out more.

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