Head of Spoken Labs discusses deep learning breakthroughs revolutionizing conversational AI at SpeechTek 2017

Spoken | May 22, 2017

For any company looking to learn about deploying speech technology for business applications, SpeechTEK 2017 was a must-attend event. The event took place in Washington, D.C. and offered attendees the opportunity to learn about the new and innovative ways speech technologies are shaping our lives and changing the way we do business. Our very own deep learning expert and head of Spoken Labs, Yishay Carmiel, spoke at SpeechTek 2017 this year. He shares his insight on the show, his presentation and what lies ahead for conversational AI.

Yishay spoke to the crowd about deep learning breakthroughs that are revolutionizing conversational AI. In recent years, deep learning has made a significant impact in speech technology, specifically, with breakthrough advances that are fast establishing speech and free text as the new interface for communicating with machines. In his presentation, Yishay detailed how deep learning is taking us further toward achieving AI for a man-machine interface.

“We are starting to witness the tremendous impact that AI is making in the field of speech and text, which was a big emphasis at SpeechTek this year,” said Yishay. “People are beginning to understand what is involved in making AI a reality, which we are starting to see take shape in the call center, for example, in areas such as streamlining automation processes, better understanding the process of the agent, how AI is helping to improve the customer experience and the 24/7 demands involved in customer support. So the challenge now lies with how we implement AI into agent’s day-to-day applications and understanding what other things you can extract from speech, such as emotion detection, agent-customer interaction and the overall outcome with the customer. These are all areas of AI and machine learning that are being discussed and researched, and it’s a very exciting time to see this all develop.”

Yishay and his Spoken Labs team, which consists of a big data analytics unit within the company, have been developing cutting-edge deep learning and machine learning technologies for speech recognition, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and data analysis. The group has been working on state-of-the-art technologies in AI, deep learning and large-scale data analysis, and they look forward to delivering innovations to the market that will help enterprises gain more value from digital conversations then they ever thought possible.

SpeechTEK 2017, also known as “The Smart Customer Interaction Event,” hosted an array of guests including many C-level executives, customer service professionals, UI/UX engineers, speech solutions managers and more. In addition, attendees learned about new and innovative ways speech technologies are impacting our everyday lives, to include bots, conversational interfaces and even advancements in virtual assistants like Siri. Most of all, with over 100 speakers and 70 info-sessions and workshops, the event offered a broad view into the world of speech-related innovation.

Yishay will be speaking next at the Strata Data Conference in London. If you happen to be at the Strata event, drop by to hear him speak about Conversational AI and get his additional perspective first-hand.

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