How automated Voice Assessment can save you time and money

Spoken | August 9, 2016

Evaluating and onboarding new call center agents can be time-consuming, labor-intensivecall_center_agent_2.jpg and expensive.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of vetting new agents is the process of listening to their voice samples to ensure that they will be easy to understand over the phone. And while that may seem like a trivial task, many outsourcers are challenged with filling hundreds or thousands of customer service seats in a short period of time. Listening to 1,000 two-minute voice samples, even just to make simple pass-fail determinations, can be a laborious process. So why not automate?

Virtualizing the voice assessment process

Prospective agent voice assessment is an excellent candidate for cloud virtualization and automation. After all, there is no reason for a human to sit and listen to those thousands of minutes of analog voice samples to make a simple determination of pass or fail.

A well-designed cloud Interactive Voice Response system can easily automate the process, minimize administrator time and ultimately prevent dissatisfied customers down the line.

How the Spoken Voice Assessment IVR works

implementation-and-reporting.pngThe Spoken Voice Assessment IVR is designed to identify agent candidates with a strong vocal comprehensibility score while flagging for further review those with negative conversational markers that might result in a lack of comprehensibility in a telecom situation. Using the Spoken Smart IVR technology, agent candidates can be evaluated on:

  • Caller authentication Identify and validate agent candidates
  • Prepared speech evaluation Evaluate candidate’s ability to follow instructions and simple recorded utterances
  • Unprepared speech evaluation Evaluate candidate’s ability to repeat unprepared utterances accurately
  • Listening comprehension Evaluate candidate’s ability to listen and demonstrate comprehension

As with most Spoken offerings, the IVR is highly flexible and can offer any combination of the above options, along with additional options, such as the ability to redial or retake the assessment within a given period of time, full API integration and integrated online reporting.

In practice, candidates simply dial in to a number and respond to the Spoken Voice Assessment IVR accordingly. An automated score is readily available to administrators, who can either receive the scores as a flat file or log in online to review scores.


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