How do you get to be the worst at customer service?

Spoken | August 9, 2016

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In a recent Telegraph article, BT was named the worst customer service provider. We hear a lot about formulas for good customer service; what’s the formula for bad customer service?

And I don’t mean a little, the-rep-you-ended-up-with-was-just-having-a-bad-day bad. This study rates the majority of interactions as consistently unpleasant and ineffective for the customer.

How? The criteria seem to be these:

  • Consistently rude staff
  • Taking several minutes to get to an agent
  • Being passed around to different agents
  • Having to repeat one’s request several times (lack of communication among agents or between the IVR system and the agents)
  • Staff whose accents are hard to understand
  • Long hold times
  • Having to answer more than one security question

If you’re the company, how do you rate with each of these? (Hint: if you don’t know, try doing random customer satisfaction surveys at the end of calls. Trust me; they’ll tell you how you rate.) If you’re the customer, what would you add to this list?

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