How to schedule call center performance reports

Spoken | August 9, 2016

Tip of the month: use the scheduling feature to save time and effort on routine reporting

In some sense, it’s true: the robots are taking over our lives! But let’s face it: we generally only let the robots do the things that would bore us silly to do every day–like scheduling call center agent performance reports.

Whether you use Spoken Engage reporting or ClearMetrix online coaching and quality tool, it’s easy to schedule your favorite reports so you can have all the information you need to start your day, recap your week or review your month. Reports can easily be delivered straight to your inbox and even to your colleagues’ inboxes as well.

Here’s how: in Engage, go to Reports and select the type of report you want to schedule. For demonstration purposes, I chose the popular Agent Summary Report.

Add the parameters, date range and any filters that you’d like. Then, under Save/Schedule Report, click the + in the upper right to expand the options. Select Schedule Report. Enter the Name and select a frequency from the drop-down menu. Select the Format (XLS, PDF or TXT) from the drop-down menu and then select the preferred delivery method from the drop-down menu. Check Encrypt file if you want the file to be encrypted.

Then click Schedule and Run Report. Voilà! The report will be sent in your favorite format automagically.

Spoken Engage schedule report

TIP: If you want to change a scheduled report, just go to Reports>Scheduled Reports tab and click Edit to change the frequency, format, content or title of a scheduled report.

To find out more about Spoken Engage reporting, view the demo video. To find out more about ClearMetrix quality platform, view the demo video.

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