Howard Lee: Why I moved to Spoken

Spoken | August 9, 2016

Howardlee by Howard Lee, CEO of Spoken Communications

Some of you have been asking what I’ve been up to lately, and it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.

Seven years ago, I founded HyperQuality with the mission to improve Customer Service. In January, I became the CEO of Spoken, a company that radically improves the ability of any company to take advantage of speech recognition technology to lower costs and at the same time provides a major step forward in improving customer satisfaction.

This new job is another step in my personal mission to help companies improve customer service. Spoken allows me to directly help companies to vastly improve their customer experience and lower their costs (in some cases by 66%!) For more than twenty years, I’ve been helping improve Customer Service Agents around the world.  And yes, I am still active with HyperQuality as a participant with customers, a Board member and shareholder. 

Girlgaspump Time and time again in the past seven years I’ve seen companies throw more Agents to solve the business process problems of today. And I believe that we should stop and think about developing a more sustaining self-service culture, even over the phone. We’ve seen the move towards self-service over the last 20 some years, from people pumping their own gas (early days) to now self-checkout in grocery stores such as Wal-Mart.  Think about it; six years ago, did we ever think that you could shop in a retail store and then check out without once speaking with a company representative? 

So I’ve partnered with Gilad Odinak, one of the best software developers and leaders in the world. He has for the past eight years worked on Spoken’s self-service enabling technology and has more than 36 patents (and another 40 more patents filed). 

In short, here is what Spoken does: Spoken solves both the ability of speech recognition to work and improves the customer experience. Spoken improves customer satisfaction and lowers operating costs by deploying a smart Integrated Voice Response system (IVR) with a human being in the background, assuring that the speech recognition system understands the customer every time. 

I truly believe that Spoken has the ability to change the way we think of self-service IVRs and the use of speech recognition. As we’ve seen at the gas pumps and at Wal-Mart checkouts, I believe that people actually prefer self-service and want it to work.

The Spoken system is built on proven technologies and has a 200% higher success rate than current IVR technologies. This new job is the next step in my personal mission to help companies improve Customer Service in a direct and immediate way. If you want to find out more leave a comment below, email me at howard.lee@spoken.co or just subscribe to our RSS and join the conversation here–I’ll be blogging about once a week.

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