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Spoken | August 9, 2016

HeidiBlogHS Hello! I’m Heidi Miller, and I’m in charge of marketing and social media for Spoken Communications. One of the reasons I was so excited about joining the Spoken team is because I saw such a wealth of wisdom in the team.

Howard, our CEO, has more passion for customer service than most customer service reps I’ve  met. His main goal (in addition to saving the clients money, of course!) is to provide not just a satisfactory but a great customer service experience for our clients’ customers. And the goal behind that is not just to improve customer service scores but actually to improve customer service itself and to keep those customers coming back.

Gilad, our CTO, has 20 years of experience in computer software and hardware research and development, a good chunk of which he spent at Microsoft, developing systems software for various products. And I’m telling you this because even though the entire team will be writing introductory posts,  Gilad is notoriously modest and probably won’t mention it himself. This guy is a tech solutionist–give him a challenge, and he’ll solve it. Period.

Cliff, our VP of Client Services, also brings 20+ years of experience in technology and consulting services across all areas of technology management. Basically, he’s the king of call center technologies and call routing. If our clients have a tough call flow or phone tree to negotiate, Cliff can simplify it and make sure the customer can guide the call seamlessly.

And then there’s me. See how I politely put myself last? 🙂 I’m the social media whiz, having consulted for everyone from huge not for profits such as the John S. and James L. Knight foundation down to your local tax accountant. I came in with five years of social media experience, having coached dozens to blog and podcast and, more recently, Twitter and Facebook. I’ve spoken at the Podcast and New Media Expo, the Direct Marketing Association, the Graduate School for Business as well as dozens of other local marketing, networking and social media events. I blog, podcast and Twitter actively, and I show companies how to use those social media tools to build passionate communities online.

So what is my goal for blogging at Spoken? Very simple: to engage in conversation around speech recognition, IVRs and customer service. A lot of folks feel very passionately about these IVRs, these pre-recorded phone systems that direct you to “Tell me what you’d like to do. You can say ‘set up an account, cancel an account, billing or other services.'” Honestly, I’m aware that a lot of people hate them. Let’s face it, most voice recognition systems don’t work all that well. And I’m not sure that a blog is going to change everyone’s mind about that.

That’s OK. We’re not really setting out to change minds. In fact, I’m more interested in knowing what you think. I’m here because I want to hear about your great–and awful–customer service experiences and how that affected your relationship with the company in question.

In short, I’m here to listen. So stay tuned for more questions and discussions about customer service.

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