Lower Cost of Ownership: Manage People, Not Technology

Sarah Schwitters | December 15, 2016

contact-center-workforce-optimizationA common contact center challenge is finding a solution that strikes a balance between maintaining the capital expenditures that keep their company functioning and at the same time managing the agents who are so crucial the the customer experience. How does an organization effectively manage their people if they are dealing with technology that constantly changes requiring frequent investment in new technology? Here at Spoken, we believe that low maintenance technology will result in a successful team of agents. This is “the rub” in technology driven industries that find themselves having to keep up with technological changes that require retraining of personnel just to enable them to do their jobs. Instead of being able to develop their employees, call center managers are having to scramble just to stay on top of changing technology. How can organizations simplify the management of technology enabling them to better manage their people? The key is lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

What is Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership is a calculation designed to help managers make more informed financial decisions when it comes to making large capital purchases.  TCO not only looks at the purchase price of a product but also the costs that will be incurred during the life-span of that product such as service, repair, insurance, etc. These costs are then added to the cost of the purchase price giving the manager the total cost of ownership for that particular product.

In certain industries, particularly technology driven industries, TCO can be difficult to manage or control due to technological changes that drive up the cost of ownership.  For example, a contact center that uses a certain type of software will need to train their agents to work with this software in order for the agents to perform their job. Things go smoothly until the software is upgraded, offering new features that are designed to make the agent’s job easier.  Perhaps it is easier in the long run, however, there is a significant cost involved in purchasing the new software as well as the challenge of training the agents to understand and work with this new software. The time it takes to get agents trained in new technology can result in “down-time” for the contact center which can be costly to their bottom line.

How then can a contact center manager lower their TCO and spend more time training and developing their employees? One word: Spoken.

Spoken provides the capabilities businesses with enterprise-scale customer engagement requirements need: a single platform, with a single universe of call metadata, and a Big Data store of conversation content. Applications are built using an integrated library of deep learning and AI tools. And the whole platform is designed to scale reliably, securely, and economically.

One of the primary features of The Complete Conversation Platform from Spoken is the Self-Service option that enables customers to be self-sufficient and responsive to their own daily needs within their contact centers. For example, during peak seasons, such as the holidays, many contact centers need to add agents to handle the increased demand of holiday shoppers. Spoken’s platform allows managers to add agents as needed as well as change IVR workflows and recordings as well as ACD assignments and scripts. Being self-sufficient in this way eliminates down time in the call center keeping costs down and efficiency high.

Spoken ConversationCenter

The Spoken solution is designed to support multiple partners and customers. A shared (or “multi-tenant”) platform is extremely cost effective because it serves several customers at the same time. Most platforms require a separate configuration for each customer which inflates costs. With a shared platform, the tenants have access to the same applications while still maintaining their autonomy.

Every business needs to know that their information is protected and that they are in compliance with all regulatory regimes.  Spoken’s platform is built at every level for rich security and compliance.

The Spoken security approach avoids the piecemeal problems that affect businesses and their security posture. Our security approach is business-driven, and describes a structured interrelationship between technical and procedural solutions to support the long-term needs of our business and our clients. The Spoken security architecture provides a rational framework within which decisions can be made upon the selection of security solutions

A security system that supports the “long-term” needs of clients is a security system that will be cost efficient over the course of many years, protecting clients from breeches that would otherwise require additional capital to fix the breech and further capital to maintain security.

Finally, Spoken’s Complete Conversation Platform is built to meet the needs of growing enterprises by providing a cloud-based platform allowing for easy, seamless upgrades that eliminates costly on-premise solutions.

If you want to see your contact center become more cost-efficient  contact Spoken. Let us show you how our Complete Conversation Platform can revolutionize your business, by better managing your technology,  allowing your organization to lower TCO.

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