Mobile World Congress, Day 2

Spoken | August 9, 2016

IMG_3644 Very exciting day today for Spoken’s GotSearch! We ran through quite a few demos for our partner here, Acision, to an overwhelmingly positive response. We’re hearing quite a bit about the need for a voice search solution that is accessible by feature phone, adaptable to different databases, and with the ability to help decrease the amount of distracted driving.

We also saw quite a few shiny new toys here in the mobile space as well:

  • GeoVector, an iPhone and Droid app with built-in compass for geo surfing the world. We love this app, mostly because you can not only find coffee nearby, but coffee that is on your way home–in your vector
  • Talked with Windows about the new phone and the philosophy of creating not just another phone but a device based on Zune and Xbox
  • Had more conversations that the taste for or against voicemail is culturally defined: some countries have the option of turning off voicemail all together, so that messages can’t be left.
  • Other countries have a growing distaste for the TUI voicemail interface, finding it unwieldy and time-consuming

Tomorrow is another day of meetings and demos with operators from around the world; give us a buzz to schedule one if you’re here.

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