Mobile World Congress, Day 3

Spoken | August 9, 2016

Here at Spoken, today was primarily booked with meetings with current and potential partners. What’s really nifty about Spoken’s primary technology is that, while it was developed to support efficiency and customer service in call center, the principle of having a human Silent Guide can be applied to just about ANY service in which voice or speech recognition and accuracy are important. We see this every day, and even more so here at Mobile World Congress!

That being said, we did get the chance to walk the show floor and see some of the innovations available out there in the mobile voice space. Discoveries from day three:

  • Eye-powered earphones. Yes, not kidding. The demo was crazy: look left to go back a song; look right to forward to the next song; look up to increase the volume. For when you just can’t be bothered to look down at your iPhone and push the button!
  • IMG_3656
  • The PowerMat–not the giant iPhone, but the flat pad that allows you to charge your devices just by setting them down. For people who hate messy cords, it’s a tidy solution.
  • IMG_3658 

Today is the last day, and we’ll be in the booth until 4:00–please stop by Acision Partner Bar and say hello if you haven’t already!

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