No more excuses: top customer service podcasts

Spoken | August 9, 2016

Don’t have time to read blogs? Twitter to fire-hosey for you? You want to keep up with customer service methods and customer experience management but don’t have time.

This is the no-more-excuses list: the best podcasts on CEM and customer service. It’s audio, so you you can listen while walking the dog (I listen on the exercise bike). And it’s podcasting, so you can stock up and listen the next time you have a long car ride or flight.

So here you go: no more excuses NOT to be informed about customer experience:

Duct Tape Marketing PodcastPicture 6 Our favorite small biz marketer, John Jantsch, has a podcast chock-full of the same marketing gold as in his blog. More marketing than customer service, but it’s all in the same field. Subscribe in iTunes.

Picture 7Customer Management IQ podcasts focus on customer management and call center-related topics. Interviews and insights from a plethora of experts in the field on a variety of topics, including CEM, contact center tips and customer loyalty. Subscribe in iTunes

Improving Customer Experience Five-minute podcasts on topics relating to customer service. Subscribe in iTunes.

Picture 8 HBR Ideacast Harvard Business Review’s business and management podcast covering primarily leadership and marketing but touching on customer experience as well. Subscribe in iTunes.

Improving Customer Experience podcast. Jim Love, Michelle Romanica and Steve Smith host this startup podcast devoted to customer experience, covering topics such as automation, customer feedback and cultural change. This BlogTalkRadio live show runs at 9:00 p.m. Eastern every Sunday evening and is available as a podcast after the show airs.

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