Past, Present and Future: The Evolution of Voice Technology

Spoken | October 19, 2016

In today’s world, it seems that technology is constantly changing and getting more and more advanced with each passing day. With these rapid advances, it would seem that the technology we enjoy today has only just emerged onto the scene, however believe it or not, some technology has been around for quite some time. Voice technology is one such example. Voice technology, including voice recognition software, has had a tremendous impact on the business to consumer relationship as the technology has advanced.

One industry that has benefitted significantly from voice technology is the Contact Center Industry. The Contact Center industry saw explosive growth during the 1980s as companies began to realize that offering excellent customer service was a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. As time went on, and voice technology began to evolve, contact center managers began to see voice technology as a means of streamlining tasks making the contact center more efficient and saving money.

The infographic below shows the long progression of voice technology and how it has evolved into the sophisticated tool that we enjoy today.


Judging from this timeline, it’s obvious that voice technology has a long and varied past as it has progressed into the technology used today.  Looking into the future, where is voice technology heading?   Based on a recent article in Search Engine Journal, voice technology is expected to play an even bigger role going forward.  Voice is a natural interface when it comes to communicating and has been since the dawn of time. It only stands to reason that, when it comes to interfacing with our devices, voice technology will continue to advance and shape the future.

How will these advancements impact the contact center? As voice technology and more specifically voice recognition continues to improve, so does customer satisfaction.  Voice Recognition technology has greatly minimized customer frustration because it is far better at recognizing more complex commands allowing customers to be more self-sufficient, particularly with more simple, straight-forward customer service issues. It is anticipated that this will only continue to improve going forward as voice recognition technology gets even better at recognizing commands and routing calls to the correct departments.  Here at Spoken, our Voice Intelligence software already recognizes a human voice in a fraction of the time, and can also capture non-verbal content of every interaction providing more efficient data for guidance and resolution. Contact Spoken for more information on how our Voice Intelligence can help your contact center better navigate the future.

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