Silliest IVR ever

Spoken | August 9, 2016

It’s entirely too easy to mock badly-designed and badly-operated IVRs. But George Hrab does it entirely too well. Ah, if only “piloting the Space Shuttle” or “figuring out how to get more cheese onto America pizzas” were deep-down menu options, we might listen more carefully to those give layers of menu choices!



As someone who has been in on the painstaking process of figuring out, “Wait, if we ask ‘Do you know your account number?’, will they say ‘Yes’ or will they give the account number? Wait, no; we’d better be clear and say ‘Please say your account number.'” I can testify that creating a nice, smooth IVR call flow that is short and sweet and that understands callers when they speak is a thing of beauty.

But it doesn’t make for a very funny video. 🙂

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