Social customer service: the changing call center landscape

Spoken | August 9, 2016

We’ve seen many changes in the field of customer service over recent years. Technological changes have definitely impacted the day to day operations of the customer service industry, enabling call centers to operate at a higher efficiency overall. However, another significant change that is impacting the call center: social media.

How are social platforms such a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and SnapChat changing the call center? Check out this infographic for key insights on how social is affecting customer service:







































According to this info, the younger the customer, the more likely a social channel will be used for a service issue.This is noteworthy, since Generations Y and Z will be paving the way in the future. What about you? Are you more likely to complain on Twitter, Facebook or the phone?

Need to know more about implementing a strong social media program in your organization? Share 7 things CEOs should know about social media with your executive team.  You can also review Social Customer Service in Action, which includes some best practices from Gartner that still hold true today.

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