Spoken plays with the iPad

Spoken | August 9, 2016

One thing we’re a sucker for here in the office is a nice, tightly-organized presentation. Throw in a nice Apple gadget, and we’re all in.

So when our illustrious CEO, Howard Lee, got his iPad, one of the first things he did was to load up Keynote and let us play with it. And now… well, there’s just no way around getting iPads for the entire office. You know, as presentation tools. 🙂

The iPad hooks up to a projector just as a laptop would, via a proprietary connector. And while you can edit the presentation in Keynote’s slide view, in order to project it onto the screen, Keynote must be in slideshow mode. In that mode, the iPad screen shows only the slide number you’re on (3 of 15, for example); there is no option to mirror displays on both the iPad and via the projector as you would on a loptop. However, there is one really nifty added feature: tap and hold instead of a light tap, and you bring up a red, animated laser pointer!

Likewise, we tried playing one of our demo videos from the iPad, hooked up to the projector. The audio was even louder than on a regular laptop, and the video played beautifully:

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