Teaching customer service to kids: Sitel’s new book, Agent D, Can You Help Me?

Spoken | August 9, 2016

It’s never too early to teach kids to be polite, and it’s never too early to show kids the hard and sometime creative work that call center agents do.

Agent d cover That was the premise of Sitel’s new children’s book, Agent D, Can You Help Me? It’s designed to show kids that call center agents can be heroes to the customers who really need their assistance. If you’ve ever made a call center call in which the agent stayed calm and cheerful and maybe even changed your mood a bit, you might agree that hardworking agents can be a bit heroic.

Sitel called upon some of its agents in its Asheville, North Carolina location to “creatively illustrate life in a Sitel customer contact center in a way that a child could enjoy and understand.” The book is geared toward readers ages 2-8 and focuses on how agents help others in their work.

The book was officially unveiled on August 17th at Sitel’s employee appreciation award luncheon. Employees leafed through the book and read along with the adventures of Agent D as he tried to help customer Jean discover why her internet was down.

Read along The book has a foreword by Tennessee Governer Bill Haslam, who added “‘Agent D, Can You Help Me?’ is not only a well-written and colorfully illustrated children’s book that parents and children will enjoy reading together, but also a user-friendly resource that will help parents who work in Sitel’s global call centers teach their children about the far reaching merits of their work as customer service agents.”

I’ll admit that my first reaction to a children’s book on call center agents wasn’t entirely positive. Would it glamorize a world that is governed by metrics, high turnover and tiny cubicles? Can’t we hope for our children to strive for more? But Agent D does bring an age-appropriate view of the heart of the call center to kids: it’s an industry devoted to helping people. The successful call center agents are the ones that have that drive at their core, and the successful companies are the ones that richly reward devotion to customer service.

President and COO of Sitel, Bert Quintana, says, “I’m personally so proud of our talented Asheville team who developed a unique way for our employees across the globe to share with their children the great work they do on a daily basis.”

And well Quintana should be. Call center agents are the front line for customer loyalty, and their work often goes unappreciated. Giving kids a lesson in the power and value of customer service early on is a laudable accomplishment.

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