The great human versus robot debate: links for 11-10-10

Spoken | August 9, 2016

RobotPA_450x300 What’s new in the world of IVRs and self-service? Not much, except the age-old debate of whether humans or robots (IVRs) are better at performing customer service. Despite repeated surveys showing the popularity of self-service for some tasks, some customer service experts still love to point out all the failings of badly designed IVR systems while singing the praises of all-human interactions.

Anyone who has ever reached a bored, poorly trained customer service agent at midnight can confirm that human doesn’t always equal better. Likewise, anyone who has been trapped in IVR h*ll, screaming, “I just want to talk to a human!” can testify that sometimes, IVRs do get in the way of delivering great customer service.

This week, the debate rages on:

Which camp are you in? Are humans always better? Does IVR provide value if it’s well-designed? Is there a compromise?

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