The Quality Smackdown: Live Call-Monitoring or Agent-Evaluations?

Spoken | August 9, 2016

Which is more valuable for call center quality: live call monitoring or agent evaluations?

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty passionate about customer service quality. In fact, I recently wrote about quality monitoring best practices for 2016. For those of us contact center geeks, we know that quality assurance is an ongoing process. And we have two basic tools in our toolbox to tackle it:

  1. Call monitoring Real-time call monitoring has the advantage of enabling the saving of troubled calls in real time, but it’s unrealistic to attempt to monitor anything other than a tiny percentage of live calls.
  2. Agent evaluations Agent evaluations are the bread-and-butter of performance management and can be quite precise in helping to pinpoint agent coaching needs. However, agent evaluations are a long-term solution and can’t help improve quality right this second.

While both tools point toward coaching to improve agent performance and therefor the overall customer experience, which one is best?



The magic of “and”: blending real-time monitoring with post-call agent evaluations

Why not both? We’ve found that a blended approach that incorporates both live call monitoring and agent evaluations brings the most complete view of agent performance. Our customers have seen the following improvements by utilizing both real-time and post-call quality measures:

  1. Ensure a consistent level of customer service when calls are monitored in real-time, that is, at the time they are happening, managers are alerted to any issues that may arise between the customer and the agent. This allows the manager to step in, if necessary, and bring a quick resolution to a situation that had the potential to get out of hand. If the call can be saved while in progress, the chances of maintaining that customer improve dramatically. Current statistics show that 89% of customers will leave your brand for your competitor if they experience poor customer service. Preserving your customer base is a pretty important reason to implement call monitoring.
  2. Pinpoint which agents need more training Everyone brings strengths and weaknesses to the table regardless of profession. The same holds true in the contact center. Some agents are going to do great at maintaining their composure when the call gets stressful, while others may have more difficulty doing so. Agent evaluations provide objective and consistent scoring on every contact and provides efficient feedback on each agents’ performance enabling managers to pinpoint those agents who would benefit from more one-to-one coaching.
  3. Ensure compliance Agents have critical compliance requirements they must adhere to in every interaction and with litigation on the rise due to non-compliance, both call monitoring and agent evaluations will ensure that agents are in compliance with these standards.

The Spoken Observer real-time call monitoring tools allows supervisors to listen in on the live call and whisper to the agent or “barge in” when needed. And HyperQuality’s ClearMetrix reporting software allows managers to review recorded calls and provide immediate and actionable feedback to their call center agents. We even offer call recording for a full-service solution in the cloud.

What is your quality mix?

Quality is something that the best organizations live and breathe every day rather than a one-time project. And because most supervisors spend a huge amount of time and energy coaching their agents, it makes sense to implement the right mix of quality tools to help to pinpoint the areas in which the worst (or best!) -performing agents need coaching. Think of call monitoring and agent evaluations as a self-driving car: you tell them where you want to go, and they’ll help get you there.

Want to find out more about HyperQuality’s ClearMetrix online quality tool? Check out our three-minute demo video by clicking below:

View ClearMetrix Demo Video


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