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Spoken | August 9, 2016

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When Jason Fitzpatrick over at the awesome Lifehacker blog attacked customer service, he took a nontraditional tack: to get better customer service, he proclaims, become a better customer.

Oddly enough, he didn’t go with a traditional definition of “better customer,” either. No advice to keep your temper under control, lose the sense of entitlement, keep your voice calm or being generally polite to the customer service agent you’re speaking with. (Although one would assume those are all actions practiced by the good and patient customer.)

No, Lifehacker’s blogger advised keeping good records. You know, like your dad taught you to keep regarding your car’s oil changes and tire rotations. Those are all in the file neatly marked “Auto–Maintenance,” so why would we make less of an effort to straighten out our issues with Comcast or Nicor? He posits that “documenting all your interactions is important across the board.” And it’s helpful even when your experiences aren’t all that negative–let’s be honest; sometimes you remember that the rep said you’d get the service for $24.99 a month, but isn’t there the chance that she actually said $34.99 a month, and your memory was just a bit faulty, with some wishful thinking thrown in?

If you document the call yourself, you don’t have to call back a month later when you get the bill. No need to get a bee in your bonnet; you could just look up your own reference to the call with the promise of $24.99 and save yourself a call to the contact center entirely.

What do you think? Has being a better customer worked for you?

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