Three resolutions call center technology professionals will love to keep in 2016

Spoken | February 9, 2016

I hate January at the gym. Why? Because at the beginning of every year, my gym is flooded with new members suddenly motivated by the new year’s dawning to get into shape. By February, however, I know that the equipment will free up, the group class sizes will shrink, and I’ll be able to get a lane in the pool again. Those new exercise aficionados drift away from the gym as their will to sculpt love handles into rock hard abs diminishes along with their memories of countdowns and midnight kisses.

The problem, you see, is that individuals who try to obtain their New Year’s goals in one month aren’t focusing on the bigger picture of long-term wellness, so it’s easy to burn out rather quickly. Setting specific, measurable goals throughout the year is not only a better strategy for fitness seekers but works equally well for contact center leaders interested in transitioning their legacy infrastructure to the cloud.

Indeed, technology professional facing the daunting idea of replacing brittle legacy infrastructure with all new cloud technology in one fell swoop—including the time, effort and costs involved—can easily become overwhelmed and skeptical. So why not consider toning down resolutions you have to entirely overhaul your infrastructures in 2016 and set more realistic goals? With the assistance of a flexible and customer-oriented cloud contact center vendor, setting specific, incremental goals can be a walk in the park.

Top Three Resolutions for Contact Center Technology Professionals

I’d like to suggest three easy-to-achieve resolutions for your infrastructure transition in 2016:

  1. Dip a toe (just one) into the cloud The primary reason cloud seems so challenging to contact center technologists is because most vendors encourage you to migrate data, applications and systems all at once. However, as with fitness resolutions, starting small and gradually increasing the investment proves to be the best strategy. For instance, start out by implementing cloud-based call recording, and leave all other systems in place. Try it out for size and see if you like it. Then, move on to more robust implementations, such as transferring a portion of your call volume to a cloud-based Automated Call Distributor to lighten your on-premise load. By taking the transition slowly, you can avoid resolution burn out and keep going strong all the way to Demember!
  2. Go green by enabling remote agents In 2016, send your agents home! Increase your workforce’s flexibility and productivity by giving them remote access to the applications and tools they need to succeed, regardless of work site location. With a remote desktop and softphone, agents can securely gain access to the applications they need anywhere. Remoting enables you to reduce CAPEX by limiting your use of on-premise infrastructure and costly licenses and paying only for what you use. And enabling a remote workforce reduces your organization’s carbon footprint, as employees can decrease emissions from daily commutes. What’s more, a solution that relieves employees from work week road rage will undoubtedly correlate to  improved team morale.
  3. Heighten security measures Finally, when you begin your cloud transition, strengthen your security measures as well. Look for solutions that offer PCI-compliant data centers, perfect forward secrecy for call encryption and remote desktops that offer features such as two-factor authentication. For more information on Spoken’s security offerings, download our cloud security brochure.

So, it’s OK to get a little gung-ho about making New Year’s resolutions, but if you want to obtain substantial results, remember that slow and steady progress wins the race.


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