Top 10 Considerations for Virtual Contact Centers Webinar

Aimee Giese | August 9, 2016

Ziff-DavisThe concept of a contact center is quickly evolving into more of a contact network as agents increasingly work from home or remote locations. For the most part, these virtual contact centers, powered by highly pervasive and available solutions such as voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and customer relationship management (CRM), are viewed as primarily beneficial for organizations doing more with less in a difficult economy.

However, as it turns out, the trend is also good for agent recruitment, retention, and enhanced performance. And that’s just the beginning!

On November 8th, Spoken’s CEO, Howard Lee, hosted a live interactive webinar with Ziff Davis, during which the top considerations and burning questions related to virtual contact centers were explored. Among many topics related to moving contact centers to the cloud and allowing for work-from-home agents, Lee addressed the following questions:

  •  What needs drive the implementation of home-based agent models?
  •  Is it possible to blend at-home and on-premise agents?
  •  How does productivity of virtual agents compare to that of on premise agents?
  •  How do you maintain security on a virtual call center?
  •  What do the cost savings look like?

View the Top 10 Considerations for Virtual Contact Centers webinar in its entirety for free (registration required).

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