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Spoken | August 9, 2016

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Adding a slight narrowing of focus for this week. Wit the end of 2009 fast approaching, many call center bloggers wrote some great posts specific to the call center industry. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the five best call center posts from the last week.

  •  Call-center-738075 Call Center Cafe gave five secrets for getting people to let you manage them. Pointing out that while no one really wants to be managed, we all do need some direction from our managers. Tips include avoiding the “I’ve gotta do everything around here” bug and giving small, manageable steps for larger projects.
  • A 2009 Datacraft survey of Asian contact centers shared some valuable statistics for comparing and contrasting outsourcing options. The study revealed that Asian call centers have more full-time employees than their Western counterparts, which favor part-time hiring. Those same centers spend more, about 2% of their budgets, on motivational and team-building efforts. And they seem to be paying off, because retention is high; Asian centers reported 29 months as the average tenure for call center staff.
  • Jo’Ann Alderson questions the value of using Average Handle Time as a call center measurement tool. While she doesn’t propose a single solution, that is her point–there is no single solution, but a combination of metrics (I’d humbly propose first-call resolution as one) to determine call center efficiency.

The consumer poll conducted by KC (Kingston Communications) found that
the majority of customers (54%) were most annoyed by overseas call
centre staff when calling customer service lines, over and above the
need to navigate automated responses (22%) and the inability of
customer support staff to provide answers outside of their script (12%).

While the results of the survey are quite telling, I suspect local call centres with similar IVRs and training programs would suffer from the same critiques. Better perhaps to invest in a more natural IVR so that automated responses aren’t so frustrating and better staff appreciation, trust and training, so that they are willing to deviate from the script and interact in a more human manner.

  • And, just for a laugh, funny call center jokes: how a mouse can be jammed in the printer. Yikes! Sure hope that mouse is Photoshopped.

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