Top 5 Contact Center Links: Schumer’s outsourcing tax

Spoken | August 9, 2016

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HeidiBlog HS by Heidi Miller, Chief Conversation Officer

New York Senator Charles Schumer has proposed a tax designed to discourage contact center outsourcing. Calls transferred outside the country would be subject to a 25-cent tax, and companies would be required to inform the caller to which country the call is being transferred.

“English speaking workers, whether they are in Indonesia, Canada, the
Philippines, South Africa, are willing to work longer hours for lower
wages and as a result Americans lose their jobs,” Schumer said.

Business analysts, call center customers, tax experts and everyday citizens are weighing in on both sides of the debate. Questions and comments range from “would this tax even effectively facilitate what it is designed to accomplish?” to “will this tax affect the quality of customer service available from my favorite service provider?”

Addressing those questions, this week’s top commentaries on the proposed tax:

Where do you stand on the proposed 25-cent tax for contact center calls
transferred to other countries? Would it be effective in discouraging
outsourcing, and what would the ramifications be for enterprise and for
the consumer–better customer service or worse?

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