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Spoken | August 9, 2016

CustomerServPrior2Jn1n With JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater making his dramatic exit from the world of customer service last week, it was a busy week for discussions about customer care, the pitfalls of the service industry and what customers actually want. This week’s top links:

  • Customer Care(less): The Three Biggest Mistakes Contact Center Managers Can Make Greg Levin puts in his two cents on classic manager blunders: attaching too much importance to “industry standards,” failing to measure
    customer satisfaction, and refusing to allow agents to work from home.
  • Closing the Customer Feedback Loop Justin Schuster cites some fascinating statistics, including: “A recent Global Consumer Satisfaction Report from Accenture discovered
    that 51 percent of consumers have higher service expectations than they
    did five years ago, and 69 percent of all consumers switched providers
    at least once during the previous year because of poor customer service.”
  • How personal is personal enough for your customer experience? CustomerThink points out that sometimes, customers want a down-and-dirty, fast online experience.
  • Likewise, this piece in Blogging Innovation, How Much of a Relationship Do Customers Actually Want?, reporting on a Harvard Business Review story, questions the prejudice against self-service: “Consumers increasingly prefer self-service, and the authors speculate:
    Maybe customers are shifting toward self service because they don’t
    want a relationship with companies.”
  • And, to top things off, a good article on the Six Elements of Customer Experience, focusing on dissecting the customer experience model.

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