Top 5 Links: IVR best practices

Spoken | August 9, 2016

980062_s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is tricky technology. The technology itself isn’t all that complicated, but, as with most technology, its success or failure lies in the implementation. A good engineer familiar with the enterprise customer experience and with creating grammars can make self-service a wonderful thing. A diligent engineer who has never sat in the customer’s shoes and thought about what customers actually need and want can make it a customer experience nightmare. And IVR creation in general has to walk a very fine line between providing a great experience for the customer and providing cost savings for the enterprise.

A badly-designed IVR can cause customer rants and lead to your customers being one of those 68% that leave a company because of one bad customer service experience. A well-designed and responsive IVR can save customers’ valuable time, even after hours, and provide both a cost savings and boosted customer loyalty for the enterprise.

Which outcome is your IVR causing more often? Slammed phone and screams of “I just want to talk to a person!” or “I got my tracking info at 11:30 p.m. from the automated system. Sweet. Love this company!”

This week’s top five link list is all about the IVR–best practices, implementation and what to avoid:

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