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Spoken | January 24, 2014

Man on cliff futureThe best links on contact centers and the customer experience

by Heidi Miller, Chief Conversation Officer

Every January, the blogosphere and industry journals are abuzz with predictions for 2014 that will change the call center and customer service industries, and this year was no different. This month was a good time to pause, reflect and bone up on industry trends to shore ourselves up for a great 2014.

So sit back, grab a coffee and mull over my favorite call center and customer experience articles of note this week:

  • Six controversial ways the contact center will change in 2014 Unlike many predictions posts, this excellent article actually delivers on its title with a wealth of thought-provoking content. Predictions of monumental shifts such as moving from measuring efficiency to measuring the quality of the customer experience and from developing employee efficiency to developing employee empowerment are each backed up with documented studies and examples. Well worth the read.
  • Crafting a B2B customer experience This Forbes article covers a rarely-approached topic: how to improve the customer experience in a B2B context rather than B2C. A short and sweet interview with a few choice nuggets of wisdom embedded.
  • New customer rage study out for holiday shopping season Found this one a bit late, but the information was so compelling, I couldn’t resist. With juicy little tidbits such as the increase in cursing at customer service agents (up to 13% from 7%) and adding free remedies (such as an apology) to monetary ones doubling customer satisfaction (up to 74%), it is a data gold mine for future presentations and reports on customer service trends!
  • Is a move to the cloud good or bad for IT? This post addressed an issue we struggle with in cloud sales: how the IT department perceives the move to cloud. Is it lifting a burden or cutting in on their turf?
  • How to provide a customer service experience that doesn’t suck While most articles in this vein focus exclusively on philosophy (you have to care), this article also incorporates specific techniques (be accessible on various channels) and technology (use IVR and call tracking). Wins my vote for including technology in the discussion.

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