Webinar: The mobile game-changer: how mobile affects your call center

Spoken | August 9, 2016

Bill Meisel Is your call center technology up to date with expectations of mobile customers?

Free webinar: Wednesday, December 8, 11:00 AM Pacific

Speaker: Bill Meisel, President, TMAA Associates

The importance of the smartphone in expanding the utility of mobile devices is matched by the adoption of speech recognition as part of the user interface in these devices. Two key aspects of this trend are:

(1) consumers are seeing speech as a “friendly” interface in a context where they don’t expect to speak with a person (as they do in customer service); and

(2) the style typical of smartphone speech interactions is quite different than that typical of automated customer service. Call centers can take advantage of these trends to automate more services, but in a way compatible with the expectations created by mobile devices.

Attendees will learn:

  • How mobile phone speech interface has grown and changed the game
  • How familiarity with the mobile phone interface changes customer expectations of speech interactions in call centers
  • Three things call centers must change to meet these expectations
  • Growth potential for changing with the mobile game

Join Spoken Communications and Bill Meisel of TMAA Associates for this informative webinar as Bill Meisel addresses the game-changing trends in mobile and how the call center must adapt.

Bill Meisel is publisher and editor of Speech Strategy News, co-organizer of the Mobile Voice Conference, Executive Director of the non-profit Applied Voice Input Output Society and a consultant on speech recognition technology markets.

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