What is Bad Customer Service?

Spoken | August 9, 2016

Are your loyal customers abandoning your brand because of your call center?

The loyalty test defining bad customer serviceIn the call center, we spend a lot of time with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as First Call Resolution, Average Handle Time and Net Promoter Score.

But when it comes down to it, that’s not how our customers measure the quality of our customer service. As ClickFox’s survey Consumer Tipping Points revealed, what most customers care about is not having to repeat their information and story to multiple reps and having their issue resolved the first time, something we call the “Riling Repeat Syndrome.” In fact, 42% indicated that having to explain their issue repeatedly to multiple agents was the most frustrating aspect of customer service.

What are the ramifications of bad customer service?

Bad news: 52% will tell family, friends or peers about a bad experience, and 35% will simply stop doing business with the brand. And here’s the whopping loyalty metric: of those that leave, 82% are established customers! And since we know that it costs about 6 to 7 times as much to gain a new customer as to retain an existing one, every lost customer is a huge cost burden to the organization.

How can you prevent Riling Repeat Syndrome?

The number one reason most customers must repeat their information is due to misrouting. If the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) didn’t understand the caller request, the caller will be routed to a general queue rather than the specific queue desired, which necessitates the agent transferring the call to the correct department.

To decrease misrouted calls, consider reviewing and upgrading your call center IVR. The Spoken Smart IVR is proven to reduce misroutes, thanks to patented technology and pinpointed intervention by human Silent Guides.Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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