Who determines your brand experience? Your customers

Spoken | August 9, 2016

Excellent animated slideshow with audio by Brandon Schauer:

Untangling brand and customer experience, in 10 minutes or less from Brandon Schauer on Vimeo.

Schauer’s presentation begins by positing that while the company does design the brand with an experience in mind, it is ultimately the customers that have the experience and determine the brand’s reputation. Even with a large company, Schauer argues, in which the Big Company communicates the brand through a created experience, the customers still interpret that experience and determine the brand’s reputation.

Other points:

  • distinguish between the visual expression of the brand (color palette and logo) and the brand experience
  • the brand experience isn’t direct; for customers, the experience is different from the communication
  • the “experience” includes product itself, the product delivery, the return process–every opportunity the customer has to interact with the company
  • that experience isn’t the sole responsibility of marketing; it’s the employees that provide this experience on a daily basis (see how HotTopic shows their model for employee engagement that ultimately provides a great customer experience)
  • focus on a slower build for a bigger benefit–think beyond the next quarter

What kind of experience does your customer have when he calls into your customer support line? Is the IVR he encounters friendly, open and truly interactive? Does it repeat the same question over and over again with an insincere “sorry, I didn’t understand that”? Do the agents ask the customer to repeat all the same information she just painstakingly gave the IVR? Do the agents focus on lowering average handle time or on first-call resolution, which might take longer but is ultimately more satisfying to the customer?

In short, what type of brand experience are your frontline employees giving?

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